Policy 11 – Community Access Sticker Policy Print
Written by Board of Directors   
Thursday, 15 November 2007 14:48

All vehicles belonging to residents of Meridien Court must display a parking sticker in the lower left corner of the windshield reserved by the California DMV for such purposes. The Managing Agent will issue parking stickers for each vehicle, upon receipt of a copy of the current California vehicle registration showing that the vehicle is registered to a Meridien Court Resident, in accordance with these rules. NO parking sticker will be issued to any vehicle not registered to a Meridien Court resident. Exceptions, such as for students living away, may be made by the board for special circumstances when requested in writing to the board. Initial stickers will be issued without charge. Replacement stickers for the same vehicle will be issued and a fee not to exceed $15.00 may be assessed when a reasonable explanation for such a need is presented. (Broken windshield, etc.)

Amended 10-06


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